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Social Media for Business to Business Marketing


Social media visitors will follow your business updates and promotional offers and will know more about your business than website visitors.

Decide what social media  platform to use
LinkedIn- Is more business orientated and allows you to connect with more clients and possibly a business partnership.
Facebook and Twitter – Represents a large source of potential clients because of its popularity.
Instagram and Pinterest– Allows  businesses  depending on the industry to promote itself with pictures. Post attractive images of your products and boost your potential client base.

Develop a strategy
1. Be clear on your target audience – Its important to know who you are aiming to reach as potential clients. Connect and engage with that audience.
2. Content Sharing – Use engaging videos and images and post links to blog content.
3. Have clear social media goals- Each post should be tailored depending on if you aiming to boost website visitors or gain more likes and shares.

Social media is very important for B2B marketing.  B2B buyers will conduct research before making a decision and  satisfied clients will spread the word via social media. Its important to be part of this process and be able to interact and connect via social media.



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