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Whitepaper On Going Paperless

Information Organisation 


Organising your business information is the first and most important thing to overcome in any business. Modern computer-based information systems have changed the world forever. Data is stored, modified and removed within the system with ease and total control.


Data Availability


The availability of data makes it possible to interact with information at any time without restrictions. With backup systems on standby, it brings peace of mind to your organisation knowing that data is always at your disposal.


Data Integrity


Storing data within an information system that is paper-based or computer-based is critical, making sure that the correct data is stored is extremely important. Our information systems are fortified with stringent data validation checks to make sure during data entry, only the correct datatypes will be stored.

For Example, in the email column, phone numbers can’t be stored and will make sure that it’s the correct standard email format, etc. And no numbers can be stored under the name and title columns. Also, all values that can be determined or fixed are all in the drop-down list to promote correctness of the data in the system.


Data Accessibility


The multi-platform access to your organisation’s data is paramount because if an unforeseen system failure occurs with one system (for example) the desktop, then it’s a matter of firing up a spare laptop, tablet or even mobile phone and continue until the desktop is fixed. But also, information can be accessed on the move and in real time because having flexibility in the system design can make or break your business.



Automatic Data Analysis


Data analytics is a tedious and complex business and can be very expensive to hire a data analyst to go through your business data to advice your business on key business strategies. That’s why we add an automated data analyst with all our system. But we also add new queries within the system should they ever arise in the future and no extra cost. Accessing the business knowledge at the push of a button is a priceless feature that any organisation must have to always be one step ahead of the trend and consumer behaviour.


Access Control


Access control comes in two forms namely, intrusion avoidance and level of information access. Our systems are all designed and implement on the platform of Microsoft’s SharePoint and Azure. Because they are hosted under Microsoft, our systems are almost impenetrable as they are secured from external hackers to the highest industry level. Furthermore, information access level within any organisation is critical that’s why any multi-user system we design is referenced with a strict access level throughout the analysis, design and implementation phases. Information access is divided into three levels namely (low, mid and high levels) and all these access levels are controlled via the amount of data they can access during the login of every member of the organisation.



Paperless Transaction


Going paperless means that your business is contributing in the green revolution in real time while saving you money. Handling invoices and receipts digitally is much easier in this day and age for both your business and your stakeholders or clients. It’s also much faster and cheaper to communicate internally and externally. Your confidential business information is more secure when a paperless approach is fully implemented.


Data Backup


Data backup is the single most important feature in any information system even if it’s a standalone single user system. All your business data must be backed up in real time. Businesshands systems are backed up in real time with Microsoft to avoid any type of data lost real time back-up is always in action during insertion, deletion and updating information in our system.



Financial Benefits


Using our systems will benefit your organisation from the very beginning because our systems are built with the aim to maximising profit and encouraging employees to economise the use of your company resources.



Ease of Interaction


During the interaction between your organisation and your employees, clients and stakeholders it’s a critical moment because time is important but also security too. Because during the call or live web handling, the clients will go through security clearance and then all relevant data about them must be verified in front of the customer service agent. Our systems are well designed to address all types of scenarios when dealing with customers and other types of stakeholders too.

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