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Why is email marketing important

Email has longer reach…..

Its tempting to believe that social media is the most effective way to reach the masses but the total number of worldwide email addresses is over 4.9 billion. Remember you need an email address for Twitter, Facebook  other social media platforms.

So when it comes to connecting with your costumers there is no channel with a wider reach.

Email subscribers

This is the best way to deliver your message because they have expressed that they want to hear from you when they signed up for your email list.

Email conversions

Most marketers will focus on conversion rates whether its sales, leads or a metric unique. The goal is to turn potential customers into paying customers.

Email is measurable. Campaign monitor cusomers have real time access to metrics like opens, shares, clicks, bounces and more. If its integrated into a CRM you can have visibility into how the email markting impacts business opportunities and deals.

Email is a professional mediam and people expect to receive information aout products and services through that channel.

Building your email list  is a stable long term investment.

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