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Email Marketing

We’ve all experienced it, that completely irrelevant email that arrives in your inbox, expecting your attention but offering you nothing in return. Sadly, this all too familiar experience has given email marketing a bad rap for many years.

But email marketing done correctly – as an integrated part of your customer journey can be an incredibly powerful tool. Educating and inspiring your subscribed readership, delivering real value to your valuable connections and above all, building that bond of trust that is required for a healthy, long-term business relationship.

So when should you use email marketing?

Well, the first thing you should know is that we’re an ethical company and that means we don’t believe in sending marketing emails to anyone that has not signed up to receive them. So where does that leave you if you’re starting out and don’t have a database of potential clients to contact? The answer lies in our social media and content marketing services which can be used to drive signups and build a database of potential clients.

Here’s a quick guide to how we can help your business with email marketing.


Great for maintaining and building relationships with prospects and clients. E-newsletters are a fantastic lead into blogs posts and articles on your website. They’re also good for presenting time-limited offers and delivering company news such as new products, services or awards.

Sales Emails

Great for retailers and e-retailers to showcase a range of products, offer discounts and drive website traffic.

Email Sequencing and Automation

Commonly used alongside our content services, email automation takes the subscriber on a journey through a series of emails. Email automation can be used to build trust with subscribers over time and encourage them to purchase your products and services. But it can also be used to improve customer retention – particularly with products or services that are paid for with a monthly subscription such as club memberships, SaaS technology or magazine subscriptions.

The email series can be a straight forward sequence sent out on a daily or weekly basis or it can have logic built into the process meaning the subscribers journey through the emails could be determined by the actions they take when they receive each one. Overall, email automation is a fantastic business development tool and best of all, once it’s set up – it run’s itself so you can focus on other areas of your marketing.

Are You Ready to Dominate Online?

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