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Affordable social media packagesSocial Media

Bland, soulless, uninteresting social media feeds – that’s definitely not what we do.

We believe social media is worth much more than just a tick box on a marketing “to-do” list. More than just a few random posts every week and more than just a competition to collect the most ‘likes’ whilst not getting any return on your investment.

Why your business needs social media

Not only does social media enable your business to reach out and connect with thousands of potential new customers, it’s also a valuable validation tool for customers to verify your expertise. Social media enables your organisation to showcase its work, its knowledge and its capabilities. The higher the value of the sale of goods, the more likely it is that potential clients will look to your social media feeds as well as your website to validate you can deliver on your promises.

Why we’re different… and better than the rest

businesshands social media services are second to none. The feeds we manage are full of personality and passion, designed to engage and empower the audiences they serve. There are plenty of social media agencies out there that can help you grow a high follower count, but to us that’s meaningless. After all, what’s the use of thousands of followers if they’re not taking any action. Our social media service is built on a belief that engagement should be at the core of every social media strategy. Think quality over quantity. Think building relationships over egos and think delivering on objectives rather than just hitting the numbers.

what’s included in our Social Media services


Social Media Strategies for Small BusinessSocial Media Strategy

Our social media service begins with the identification of campaign objectives and the creation of a social media strategy built around them. We’ll work with you to understand your business, your clients, your strategic aims and your product and services. On top of this we’ll research your industry, your competitors and trending topics in your sector that we believe you need to be involved in. Using all of this information, we can start to build a strategy to drive social media engagement and help you achieve your goals.

Targeted Growth

Where businesshands really excels is in it’s ability to deliver highly-targeted, social media growth campaigns. We’re able to identify and engage in social media conversations that are relevant to your business and grow a community of high quality, relevant followers quickly and organically. We’ll further compliment this with a ‘hit list’ of perfect customers that we’ll reach out to and engage with on your behalf.

Community Management

Key to the success of your social media activity is community management. We welcome every new follower that connects with you and we’ll send them a tailored message. We’ll also respond to any interactions and queries arising from them your community. Perhaps most importantly though, if we sense a business development opportunity, we’ll be sure to encourage further interest and bring it to the attention to one of your team to take forward.

Social networking solutions for businessSocial Networking

Never heard of social networking? That’s because most agencies don’t offer it. We’ll actively search through your growing audience to identify key followers that we believe have a genuine interest and need for your product or service. We’ll then reach out to them directly on your behalf to introduce your organisation and your offering and encourage them to take the next step in the sales journey.


Social Advertising Campaigns

In our experience, paid advertising campaigns through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are for more effective than Google AdWords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) banner ads. We’re able to set-up and drive social media campaigns to target specific audiences defined by interest, age, geographic location and many more filters, to raise brand awareness and drive website traffic. We can even track your website visitors and create bespoke campaigns to target these specifically (known as retargeting).


Reporting is an essential part of any social media strategy and we’ll deliver regular, detailed analytical reports of our actions. We’ll take the time to go through the report with you in depth and suggest how your social media strategy can be refined to drive further success in the months to follow.

Going the extra mile

Relationships are everything to us and we’ll do everything within our means to help your business succeed. As an added bonus, if you choose to partner with businesshands – we’ll even feature you in our own social media feeds and our e-newsletter which has a circulation of over 5,000 senior business personnel in and around the London area.

now it’s over to you…

Whatever your social media goals, whether its growing brand awareness, increasing web traffic or driving overall sales, businesshands can help. For more information and to discuss your social media needs, contact us today on 0207 458 4788 or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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