How to get people to read your blog

Investing time and effort into a good blog should be at the core of every organisation’s marketing strategy. Blog posts have the capacity to build trust, to educate your audience, improve your SEO and even increase sales… but for many organisations, this simply isn’t happening – so why is that? Here’s a look at how to get people to read your blog.

Choosing the right topic

The first thing is to choose a good topic. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But what actually is a good topic? One thing is for sure – writing endlessly about how great your product or service is, is not a ‘good topic’.  Your target audience really isn’t that interested in you, they’re interested in themselves and so you have to think about the problems that your product or service solves. Think about the implications that problem has for the people who are experiencing it… money, time, business, family – how are they affected?

Blog content marketing services from businesshandsThink about the type of people that uses your product or service… what do they do, what are they interested in and how can you indirectly relate their interests back to your organisation or industry sector? A very successful way of finding a topic that works, is to take a popular news story and show how it relates to your values, your products or your services.  When Leicester City Football Club won the premier league for example, leadership development companies blogged about the virtues of good leadership, small business consultancies blogged about the ability to beat the competition with limited resources and accountancy firms about the need to manage your finances well.

But writing about things that are in the news today can be a bit of a challenge. It puts a writer under pressure and if you only have time to write once every couple of weeks, you might find it’s a slow news day when you put ‘pen to paper’ so you need to have another plan in reserve.

A good and equally successful idea is to think about what questions your target audience might type into Google to solve one of their problems… just like we have done with this post.

Having an opinion or at least a personality

Potential clients are not just looking to buy your product… they’re looking to buy into your organisation as a brand. That means that bland, instructional type blog posts are a complete no-no. Try to keep your writing relatively informal and personable, regardless of the industry. If you think you’re in a sector where being personable and informal doesn’t work… it’s probably one of the area it will work best. Accountancy, legal, finance… even funeral services. They will all benefit from posts that sound like they’ve come from a human being.

Getting the message out there

Get the message out there about your content marketing blog

For many organisations – this is where it their blogging process comes to a grinding halt. You publish the blog on your website and then you wait… and wait … and wait… and nothing happens.

Great content is nothing without distribution. Writing a blog post and publishing it on a website that gets 10 visitors (or even 1,000) per month is a pointless activity unless you let people know it’s there. You do this by distributing the post through as many mediums as possible. Social media is an obvious starting point… with any luck you already have a social media strategy in play.

Generally, over the course of a month, we’ll push out a blog post around 10 times… yes 10 TIMES on each social media platform we’re using. Choose different times of day, different lead-in images and a slightly different message each time to really get the most out of the blog post you’ve worked so hard on. As you write more blog posts, you’re likely to find that you have multiple posts in circulation and that’s when you really to start to generate traffic to your website. By sponsoring your posts through pay-per-click campaigns, you can reach an even wider audience and generate yet more, high quality website visitors.

If you have a database of customers or prospects, you should also think about turning your blog post into an email newsletter.

What about the conversion

So now you’re writing some great pieces of content and you’ve got multiple posts being circulated daily through your social media channels. It’s driving traffic to your website… just a few at first, but as time goes on – the numbers are getting bigger and bigger. What now?

Now you have to ask yourself… “what do I want my visitors to do?”.  If you want them to purchase an item, think about directing them to the product page at the end of the blog post and maybe including a time limited discount code.  If you want them to make an enquiry, have your phone number at the bottom and ask them to call you, or alternatively – have an enquiry form which the reader can fill in.

If you don’t ask you reader to do something, they won’t – it’s that simple.

First class content marketing service from businesshandsHere at businesshands – we offer a first class content marketing service. We write well-researched, compelling content for organisations across a wide range of sectors from healthcare, to finance and from architecture to I.T. and we can combine this with our unbeatable social media management services. It’s a winning combination that delivers great results.

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